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Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear Hunts

The Alaska Peninsula or root of the Aleutian Chain is also home to some of Alaska’s largest bruins. Our Ugashik Lake Camps are centrally located on this peninsula, in the midst of the Alaska Peninsula Wildlife Refuge. The Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear are much like the bear found on Kodiak Island and in some case bigger and more plentiful than the Kodiak Island Bears. We have two guide use areas on Federal land in the Ugashik Lake area. In these two areas we can accommodate up to nine clients, whom we disperse into areas that have been very productive in the past, usually near major salmon streams and denning areas. Wall tents constructed with steel frames and/or Bomb Shelters are used with the famous Alaska Peninsula weather in mind. In some cases cabins are available for the man that likes all the comforts of home. Regardless of where you stay or what type of structure you put your head down in, rest assured your safety and comfort have been thought of along with your odds of taking a good bear. Our concession is roughly 593 square miles and the bear population in this area is roughly 3.8 bear per square mile.

With that many bear one would think this would be a cakewalk but that is not always the case. As late fall approaches bear can be very elusive and often do not move until early morning or late evening. During the spring season bear can be very late coming out of hibernation especially if the weather remains cold. Normally we do very well and have taken record book bear here with skulls nearly thirty inches and hides squaring eleven and a half feet. Our normal skull size for these two areas is between 25 to 27 inches. One spring season seven out of eight clients were finished within the first three days of the season! Our archery clients, during the fall season, have enjoyed 90 to 100 percent on shot opportunity.

Ugashik 1 client : 1 guide 10 hunting days
Season: 05-10 to 05-31 and 10-01 to 10-21

Alaska Peninsula Moose Hunt

Moose hunting on the Alaska Peninsula is much like hunting anywhere in Alaska, except for the competition. Due to the remoteness of our location, very few residents hunt there, making the selection of good trophies more opportune. This area has been classified as a Trophy Moose Area by the State of Alaska, so moose under 50" cannot be taken. The average moose is around 59", but they may be taken anywhere from 50" to75" in this area, with our average at about 65". All hunting is done by fair chase, with boats and aircraft to transport meat and trophy back to the main camp. Spike camps are used to get clients closer to known game areas and are constructed with the local weather and your comfort in mind. September temperatures vary from 35 to 55°F.

Ugashik Moose 1 client : 1 guide 10 hunting days

Season: 09-10 through 09-25

Kodiak Island Brown Bear Hunts

Since the 1940s Kodiak Island has had the mystique of the Big Coastal Brown Bears to the point where they are simply called “Kodiaks”. Every year we conduct 3 spring and 2 fall Kodiak Island Brown Bear hunts. All of our hunts are conducted in the same manner, spot and stalk. This is why good optics are very important. Rain or shine we will go the distance with you in your search of that Kodiak Island Brown Bear of a lifetime. The terrain on the South end of Kodiak Island is fairly open with no evergreens and few deciduous trees. Large grassy openings sprinkled with willow and alder brush allow game to be spotted easily from a great distance. We own beautiful, beach-front, land with three permanent, wood heated cabins within our area of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, which we base our hunts out of and in most cases you return to every night. Meals are served family style and prepared by a competent cook, often with the addition of fresh seafood.

12 day hunts with 1 client to 1 guide.

Season: 04-01 through 05-15 and 10-25 through 11-30

Average Temperature (Kodiak city area): about 45° in May and October with an average rainfall of 6 inches during the same months.

Kodiak Island Brown Bear Permit Drawing Process: Land status (ownership) on Kodiak plays a key role in permit process. In our area, the major landowner is the Federal Government. Through a lengthy process, I have secured the guiding rights in this area. I am the only guide recognized by the landowner, which simplifies the permit drawing process for you and virtually guarantees you a permit if you follow the directions we send you. If for some reason you are not drawn, (has not happened yet) we will refund your deposit or reschedule your hunt.

Kodiak Island Mountain Goat Hunts

Since our area of Kodiak was first opened for the hunting of Mountain Goat our clients have enjoyed a 99% success in obtaining a goat, usually well below 2000 foot elevation. Three billies 10” or over have been taken here and our average is above 8.5”. Often, but not always, we are able to get a goat in one day and back to camp by evening. This of course takes a client in good condition.

The low, rugged mountains of Kodiak Island make this one of the easiest Rocky Mountain Goat hunts anywhere in the world. There are no mountains in our area above 3200 feet and the majority of our goats have been obtained between 1200-1800 feet.

So far it hasn't taken us longer than five days of hunting to fill out, most are done in one to two days. We conduct these hunts in mid Oct. to mid Nov. as this is the best time for a goat with long hair. Weather during this time period often forces the goat down to lower terrain. Moderate climbing experience is necessary as terrain for the most part is mountainous. To make this hunt even easier on you we often use spike camps and this requires you to bring some extra gear as is listed on our equipment checklist. Up until November 2009 the harvest of goat in this area has been controlled by drawing permit. Due to an obvious increase in population levels these goat are now on a registration permit. This permit is obtained by going on line at the right time of year and registering for and printing a permit. Please contact us for further details.

1 client : 1 guide for 7 hunting days Season: 08/20 – 12/15 Hunt conducted 10/15 to 11/15


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