Dear hunting friends,

Bulgaria is one of the most wanted hunting destinations in Europe and is famous with the red deer hunting. It is no chance that Bulgaria hold the last 4 world records of red deer, as the last one 273,60 CIC points is still unbroken. Bulgaria holds also the world record of wild cat 82,99 CIC points and the national record of wild boar 158,20 CIC points was world record few years ago.

The hunting in Bulgaria is organized very professionally in State and private hunting grounds. The hunting house are luxury with all facilities, qualified stuff and perfect food and drinks.

You will be met by me at the airports in Bulgaria and I will accompany you during the whole hunt. There are private and state hunting grounds near Sofia with a lot of game and super trophy quality.

In Bulgaria could be hunted the following game:

Red deer – 01.09 – 31.01 – trophies from 7 to 15 kg and more

Fallow deer – 01.09 – 31.01 – trophies from 3 to 5 kg and more

Mouflon – all year round – trophies from 70 to 95 cm and more

Roe deer – 01.05 – 30.10 – trophies from 350 to 500 grams and more

Wild boar – male all year round – trophies from 18 to 27 cm and more

Chamois – special permits, limited licenses per year, please contact me for more info

Birds – pheasant, partridge, wild duck, wild geese, woodcock, quail, etc.


You are welcome to hunt in Bulgaria!

Good luck!

Vasil Tabakov – Junior

Hunting in Bulgaria