Hunting in Romania is characterized especially with the hunting for Carpathian brown bear. The population of this exceptional predatory animal is over 8500 bears (just for comparison – in Bulgaria is about 900) it is the largest in Europe. The brown bear reaches weight of 400 kg and length over 2,5 m.
Hunting for bear is conducted through spring and autumn in the wild Carpathians.
The world record is shot in 1983 and is 687,79 CIC points and the first 10 most valuable trophies in the world are from Romania.

 There are two main ways for hunting bear:
1.    Individual baited hunt in the evening, as bear from 350 up to 600 CIC points could be shot. The hunter is waiting for the bear with professional Romanian hunter, who is able to point the approximate size of the bear. The hunter can see 4-5 and more bear for one night.
2.    Driven bear hunt – this unique hunt is done only in Romania. The hunting groups have to be minimum 3-4 hunters, the best is 6-8 hunters and they are on low highseats or on the ground together with armed professional Romanian guides. The beaters are 50-100 people and even sometimes more. You can see 5-10 bears during one battue, which is just amazing and is it not possible to be describes.
Few years ago a group of 4 hunters shot 16 bears for 3 hunting days!!!

Other very interesting and natural hunt in Romania is hunting for Carpathian chamois – the population is one of the vigorous in the world. The world record is 141,1 CIC points and is shot in Fagaras Mountains.

In Romania you can also hunt for red stag, wild boar, wolf and lynx if you have luck.

You are welcome to hunt in Romania!

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