Hunting for Bezoar Ibex in Turkey

This species of Ibex is one of the most beautiful in the world and hunting is great experience for all hunters. It is hunted in twelve different hunting areas, in Antalya in the west Mediterranean region, in the Taurus Mountains which extend east to the provinces of Mersin, Adana, Nigde, and in the Erzincan, Tunceli, and Adiyaman provinces of Eastern Anatolia.

Hunting season is from November to March.

The ibex has majestic horns curved up, back, and downward. The length of the horns vary from 90 to 150 cm and is regarded as one of the unique Ibexes in the world owing to its perfect body color and black winter fur.

You can hunt also in Turkey Konya sheep, wild boar, Anatolian chamois, Aanatolian red deer.


Hunting in Turkey